Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weirdest Day in a Long Time

1. You know those marshmallow hay bales? The big round ones that farmers wrap in white plastic? One fell off a truck in front of me this morning. It was at an intersection and I was turning and everyone was going very slowly, so nobody hit the hay bale. It was absolutely surreal. It just plopped right down on the road. Didn’t roll or anything. As of 4:00 this afternoon, it was still on the side of the road.

2. A winter storm watch is in effect for tomorrow, but this morning I took a walk in the sunshine, was warm, but slipped on hail on the sidewalks.

3. My friend’s little girl called me on her mom’s cell phone. She chatted to me for 5 minutes! I kept asking her if her mommy was there and to give her mommy the phone and she would say something indistinguishable, except for the word “Mommy.” She jabbered away at me and finally said, “BYE!”

I was freaked out. Why wasn’t my friend taking the phone away from her daughter? Was she unconscious on the floor of their kitchen? Had they been in a car accident? Something horrible must have happened, otherwise my friend surely would have noticed her daughter talking on her cell phone in all that time. I call her on her cell phone, no answer. I call her at her house, no answer. I leave a desperate message, “Please, call me when you get this message!” I call her cell phone about 3 more times, still no answer. I am about 2 seconds away from packing Elise in the car and driving around to look for her in the ditch when my house phone rings. It’s my friend. She’s oblivious. I said, “You’re alive!” She says, “I was just doing my Bible Study.” I said, "Did you know your daughter called me on your cell phone?” No, she had no idea. Sheesh. I about had a heart attack and she was just doing her Bible Study in her kitchen while her two-year-old called me and China on her cell phone.

4. My first grader came home from school with a purple bruise on her cheek. Apparently she fell off the balance beam onto her face. How does that happen? The nurse gave her ice and said she was fortunate because she didn’t land on the bones around her eyes, just on the fleshy part of her cheek. It’s going to be lovely by tomorrow, I’m sure. What’s weirder is that one of her friends got hurt on the swings at the school last week when the swing broke while she was on it and now the school took down all the swings to “fix them”. I’m now officially anti-playground.

5. The sky. Is very strange today. I was sitting in sunshine with hail coming down on my head. I’m wearing my sunglasses looking north at the scariest, darkest sky I’ve ever seen. I’m thinking there’s a very good chance this winter storm watch will materialize into a lot of snow.

For someone. Somewhere.


6. I think I should go to bed now before anything else weird happens.


Jagers said...

Its like Wacky Wednesday...I wonder what you would call this on a Tuesday?

Mother Superior said...

I'm just glad that I'm down here in warm, sunny, beautiful Arizona. Was the litte girl on the phone by any chance my granddaughter?

Julie said...

You got it, Alice!