Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Today is Ash Wednesday. The beginning of Lent. The season in which we remember Christ’s suffering. Typically people like to give up something for Lent in order to help them remember the suffering of our Lord. Like chocolate or wine or coffee or TV or something. I read a blog post today that has got me thinking. She said a guest pastor preached about how giving up something for Lent isn’t about giving up chocolate or wine or coffee or a thing. Giving up something for Lent is about giving up a sin. A sin which is exactly what caused the suffering of our Lord which we are trying to remember.

I had a FB friend post today that she’s going to attempt to give up swearing for Lent. She is spot-on. That’s a good one.

Could we all consider attempting to give up a sin such as lying, cheating, gossiping, impatience, or pride? We won’t succeed, but will our conscious efforts make us more conscious of the suffering of our Lord and more in tune with what He has done for us and in turn, more joyous on Easter Sunday morning when we celebrate His resurrection, the promise of eternal life, and our salvation?

I think so. Let’s challenge ourselves.


Mother Superior said...

Thanks for sharing - I think it's a great suggestion and I plan to do it.
Supposed to be 86 today so have the air conditioner going.

Melissa said...

Yes, thanks for sharing. Got me thinking!