Sunday, March 13, 2011

Taking a poll

Pioneer Woman is having another photography contest. The theme is “beauty”. It can be anything. But I need your help! I have too many pictures that say “beauty” to me, so please vote in the poll to the right for your favorite!

Already entered:


She’s messy, she’s happy, she’s smiling, it’s sunny. Beauty.

Picture 1:


We don’t like bees at our house, but this one is just doing its job and making beautiful flowers.

Picture 2:


Old barn. North woods Minnesota. If these walls could talk beautiful.

Picture 3:


“All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small. All things wise and wonderful, the Lord God made them all.”

Picture 4:


Sol Duc Falls, Olympic Peninsula.

Picture 5:


Also at Sol Duc Falls.

Picture 6:


Second Beach, Olympic Peninsula.

Picture 7:


Also at Second Beach, Olympic Peninsula.

Picture 8:


Deer at Hurricane Ridge, Olympic Peninsula.

Picture 9:


Old picture of a picture of my mother-in-law holding my husband.

Picture 10:


Bird nest Becca found while Christmas tree hunting.

Picture 11:


Spontaneous hug between cousins at Christmas.

Picture 12:


Sunset reflecting on Mt. Baker.

Picture 13:


Butterfly (moth?) at Hurricane Ridge

Edited to add: I have been informed by my brother the insectologist that this is a Western Tiger Swallowtail. Thanks!

The assignment is for whatever is beautiful to the photographer. These are all beautiful to me, so I have to narrow it down because I can’t enter this many photos. One per day for probably 4 or 5 days. So, I’m going to make a poll on the side bar and I would LOVE it if you would help me out and vote for your favorite picture of BEAUTY!


Brian Jager said...

My vote is for the bee. They are all beautiful though.

Randall said...

Western Tiger Swallowtail!