Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A true Washingtonian

We are all true Washingtonians around here. Even my California-born husband. When the sun begins to shine through a marine layer of clouds, we get out our sunglasses. When it's 65 degrees, the children wear shorts. When it's 75 degrees, they complain it's too hot. We have pasty white skin and get sunburns. If the sun comes through the window of our house, sometimes we have to close the blinds because it's too bright.

This morning, the sun broke through the clouds nice & bright for the first time in literally weeks. It has been a nasty March. Elise practically winced when I opened the van door and the sunlight hit her face. She said, "Wow, Mom! It's really sunny today! Can we go in the sprinkler?"

Never mind that it was 45 degrees and windy at the time.


Tamara said...

if those things make one a "true washingtonian" then i guess, after all these years, i am one as well. but i admit it sadly. b/c i miss long summers of 80-90 degree weather. but i do NOT miss the humidity. oh washington, how i love thee! :)

Melissa said...

So true! :)