Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A stack of Bibles

In my Bible Study at church, there are a number of women with Study Bibles. They will read a Scripture and then they’ll say, “My footnotes explain it like this…” or “My footnotes say we can apply it in this way…” and I’ve always wanted to have that in my studies. This year, while studying Beth Moore’s study of the Beloved Disciple, John, I’ve found myself wishing for that frequently. Sure, I could use some fancy schmancy Bible Software, but that just isn’t for me.

(If you know us, you know of course that I’m joking. Bible Software is the best thing you could ever own, as long as it comes from Logos.)

So, when the Life Application NIV Study Bible, in the “personal size”, was advertised at the local Christian bookstore as being 50% off, I thought, wow, what a perfect opportunity! Plus, the Bible I was using, which was the Bible we got for our wedding, was breaking and I didn’t want to break it completely.

I started explaining to my DH that I needed this Bible. You see, we’ve recently cracked down on our spending habits in the name of saving for the future. Ed insisted that I had enough Bibles. I kept explaining that I did not have a STUDY Bible, not to mention a Study Bible that was small and light weight for all my travels I do with GEMS. He says, “You can use one of my Study Bibles!”

Okay. Show me.

He brings me a GIANT Life Application Study Bible. I could use it to anchor my boat, if I had a boat.

He brings me one Bible after another, each belonging to him, that he thinks I should use. None are lightweight study Bibles. (Nor are they pretty, and the Bible on sale was pretty)!

I started thinking…I wonder how many Bibles my husband has bought for his own study, compared with mine? I went on a search. I came up with about 6. I showed him. “Look at your Bibles. And I have just 3. Plus this wedding Bible, which we share.” He says, “That’s NOTHING!”

He went on a search. When he was done, our stacks of Bibles looked like this:

photo-3Please excuse the poor picture quality. It was night time and I took this with my phone.                          

That’s FOURTEEN Bibles belonging to Ed there, people!

Needless to say, my DH consented. “Please go buy yourself a lightweight Study Bible.”


Isn’t she pretty?

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