Friday, May 27, 2011

First Grade Field Trip

My first grader went on a field trip to Hovander Park this past week. I couldn’t make it for the entire field trip, and so missed out on the infamous bus ride, but Elise & I stopped by to have lunch and play with her for a while. Thankfully, it didn’t rain AT ALL, even though the forecast called for 50% chance of rain all day!


Climbing in and out of the window at the bottom of the tower.



Always the drama queen, even on the monkey bars.



I like to call this picture, “Becca & the Blondies.” Isn’t that funny? Her 3 best friends are such towheads! Not only that, but two of those friends’ moms are also named Julie. And the other mom is named Amy. Boy, we were all born in the same decade or what?

Thanks to all the other moms and teachers and helpers who made it a great day!

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