Friday, May 27, 2011

League Meet

This past Tuesday was Sarah’s last track meet – the all-league meet! She qualified in both the 800m and the 1600m, and her relay qualified also. First up was the 800m. She had a great race, matched her PR at 2:45, and came in 5th!

Next she ran her favorite race, the 1600m. We knew she was about 7th in the Conference, but weren’t sure how many of those girls would be at this meet – some of the schools listed in our “conference” aren’t in our “league” – I don’t really understand it all. At the very least, we knew she wouldn’t place first, so we were just hoping for a PR, and BOY did we get it!


She was really pushed by having such great competition and she cut 15 seconds off her best time and ran a 6:12! She came in 5th once again and she was so excited by her great race. It’s so much fun to watch her enjoy herself being part of a school team. She comes over after the race to see us every time, but then she’s off immediately to go cheer on her teammates. LOVE that! Her coaches have been great and we are thankful for a good season with minimal injuries and at least a few meets with beautiful weather!

Oh, and her relay team came in 3rd at the league meet and took 2 seconds off their best time. They were pretty excited about that, too!! is an interesting website where all the data from all the meets can be found. You can see all of Sarah’s personal stats here and you can see the Northwest Conference Results here. Note that some of the schools listed there we have not competed against and are bigger schools than we are. For example, she’s listed as 7th in the Conference in both the 800m and the 1600m, but two girls who are above her in the 1600m are from Burlington-Edison. We have never competed against them and they are a bigger school. But, it’s a really fun website to explore!

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