Thursday, May 26, 2011

Long overdue project

About a year ago, I started a project – painting my old, moldy wicker front porch chairs black. I started with washing and priming. Remember this?


I posted that picture back in August, 2010. This was before I started priming…see how faded those chairs were? And the little table had been painted with the old trim color. I used a borrowed paint-sprayer to get them primed, but the sprayer kept clogging on me. The sprayer-owner paid us a visit and fixed it. I finished priming. But I still was struggling with the sprayer. I just couldn’t get it to work the way I thought it should. I am sure it was operator-error, but then I got busy and the weather didn’t cooperate and suddenly, it was winter and the chairs got stored in the garage. I returned the borrowed sprayer.

Then this past spring I found a sprayer on sale at the local hardware store – a different style – hand-held with no hoses. I decided it was worth a try. But I still never got around to pulling out those chairs and spray painting them!

Until last week Friday!

It was Accountability Group day at my house. And it wasn’t your average Accountability Group, either. (By the way, Accountability Group is the new name for what used to be “scrapbooking”. Since we often do things other than scrapbooking, such as paying bills, quilting, writing cards, and/or drinking coffee and chatting about everything, one of the gals decided that Accountability Group was a better name. I’m in agreement. It sounds much more important to the husbands, too.)

Anyway, this wasn’t your average Accountability Group. First, it was sunny and warm! Second, everyone kind of had stuff going on. One friend couldn’t make it due to field trips, but we decided to go for it anyway, since we had already postponed from the week before due to illnesses. Another friend had a birthday party in the afternoon so could only stay through lunch, and another friend is getting her house ready to sell…therefore…it was a strange and short day.

I had declared it project day at my house. I was determined to finish those wicker chairs!

Thanks for the pics, Tam!

Everyone sat outside to watch me. No one got much done, except for me, but I ended up very pleased!


Now on to the many other things on my “to-be-painted” list…I love that new non-hosed sprayer!

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Melissa said...

Glad you finally got to finish your project, they look awesome! I love the black.