Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I {{heart}} Lilacs!

Four years ago, my lilacs were incredible. Three years ago, they were awful. So I read all about lilacs. I decided I must have given them too much nitrogen and cut off some blooms accidentally. So I started leaving my lilac completely alone. Two years ago, my lilac was AMAZING. I left it completely alone again. Last year, my lilac was TERRIBLE. Frustrated, I decided I would leave it alone again because that approach had worked in the past.

This year, my lilac is BEAUTIFUL!






I ended up asking a nursery worker about it, wondering if it’s an “every-other-year” lilac or something. Her thought was that possibly in the years it was bad, we had an early thaw and it set out buds, and then it froze hard again and the buds froze off, leaving me very few flowers. Seems plausible. At any rate, my leaving it completely alone (as in, no fertilizer and no pruning) seems to be the right course of action for lots of blooms.

I {{heart}} lilacs. The scent. The color. The fullness of the bush. The delicateness of the tiny flowers all in a spire. I am thankful for a creative God who thought up a lilac for me to enjoy.


Kim said...

LOVE.LILACS. It makes me sad that I am terribly allergic, but they are so beautiful. Maybe I should try having just 1 in our yard. Enjoy!

Mother Superior said...

I love them too. In fact I just stopped at my brother's home to pick some for my end table. they are almost done blooming here in SD.