Sunday, May 22, 2011

Concert Season

‘Tis the season for school concerts! Tuesday night was Bethany’s orchestra concert and Thursday night was Sarah’s band concert. On Tuesday night, I brought my camera, but forgot to video-tape anything. On Thursday night, I video-taped the song Sarah requested me to video-tape, but forgot my camera. Go figure.


Bethany plays the cello in the 5th grade orchestra and is really enjoying it! She loves her orchestra teacher (who also happens to be her private violin teacher) and she loves performing music!

Sarah plays the flute in band and she has really enjoyed that, too. Her band teacher is getting married and moving to Canada, though, so she’s bummed about that. You can watch one of their 7th/8th grade band songs by clicking here: Sarah’s Band Concert. Enjoy!

Coming up: Choir Concert this Tuesday and piano/violin recital the first week of June!

In addition, Bethany’s class made a YouTube video about dividing fractions, which can be found here: Do the Math. She wants you all to see it and make sure you watch to the end because there are bloopers!

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