Saturday, May 21, 2011

Track and soccer and softball, Oh My!

Who would have thought that Ed & I, two completely non-athletic people, would have at least 3 sporty daughters?!?! This spring has been a scheduling nightmare, trying to get from soccer to softball to track and back again, not to mention fitting in school concerts, homework, and music practicing! We have had FUN, though!

Sarah’s almost done with track. The League meet is on Tuesday. In the last two meets, Sarah has run remarkably well. The 800m is not her favorite, yet she’s placed third at the last two meets.


The above picture is from the May 10 meet, 800m race, near the end.

The picture below is from the May 17 qualifying meet, 800m race, starting line.



Above: May 17 qualifying meet, 800m, 3rd place, 2:55.

In the last two meets, including the qualifying meet this past Tuesday, the mile has been her stand-out race. Two weeks ago she placed first with a PR of 6:29. I almost missed the race because I was picking Bethany up from softball practice, but we saw the finish, which was very exciting! Obviously, there was no chance to take pictures. I DO however, have pictures of the 1600m race this past Tuesday, May 17, which was the qualifying meet.



Leading the pack, which she did for the entire race!



First place again! PR of 6:27! So proud of that girl!

Switching to soccer: Becca is having a ton of fun being on a team of all girls (previous years was co-ed) and with a gaggle of girls that she knows from school and church.



This was her reaction when time was called and she had to stop being goalie! LOL!


But she managed to enjoy playing forward also. These pictures were from a couple weeks ago.

Last week she had an AWESOME save as goalie (no pictures because it was pouring down rain) and two goal assists! THEN, this past week, when I wasn’t at her game because I had to bring Sarah to her band concert, SHE SCORED A GOAL!!!! Way to go, Becca!

And switching on over to softball: the season is now over and despite the rainouts and confusing schedules and very bizarre rules of 5th/6th grade girls fast-pitch, I think it turned out to be a good season and a good experience for Bethany.


Last week Saturday, in the pouring down rain, she had an amazing HIT! (There are a lot of walks in this game). There were two outs, the bases were loaded, the count was full. The pitch came in, it was good, she swung hard and hit it between the third baseman and shortstop! No one could get to it in time and everyone was safe and she had an honest-to-goodness RBI!

This past Thursday was her last game and she said, “I want a picture of me stealing home.” Stealing home happens a lot in this game also. Sliding is required when you steal home. As in, if you don’t slide, you’re out. She was walked, so I headed over to attempt to take her picture, should she make it home.


Taking her base…


And STEALING HOME!! She was safe! She slid right around that tag and scored a run! (This, from my girl who wouldn’t walk on sand when she was a toddler because she didn’t like to get dirty!)

(I apologize to the neon-shirted pitcher for this photo. I don’t know who you are, but hopefully your mom doesn’t stalk my blog.)

All in all, it has been a VeRy BuSy spring, but oh-so-fun to watch the girls compete in team sports! I am one proud mama.

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