Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Photography Practice

I am in love with the buttercups in the field behind our house. I desperately wanted to get some pictures of Sarah in those buttercups before whoever chops that grass has a chance. Sunday night was a beautiful evening, so I took Sarah outside for a little experiment.

I was having some trouble with focusing. I was intentionally shooting into the sun for a different light effect, but the focusing was giving me trouble. These are by far my two best shots.


The effect I wanted was there, but her face is not as sharp as I want it to be.


With some help from a great photography friend and a bit of research, I discovered that I should have probably switched to manual focus, which was my instinct, but I didn’t quite dare. So, we will try again on the next beautiful evening we can…before those buttercups become cow feed.


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Melissa said...

They already look really good! The second one is great! You will have to let me know how manual focus worked out for you, I love these types of shots and need to take more of them.