Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Beauty & the Beast in Pictures

So I’m finally editing a few pictures. One of the things Bethany has done this summer was to be in the local Children’s Musical Theater Summer Stock performance. For 10 days, these kids rehearse, 4 hours a day. Then they perform and they are OUTSTANDING! This is Bethany’s second time being involved and she just loves it. It brings pure joy to my heart to see her smile and so happy for two solid weeks. She has no desire to “be the star”, but she gives her performances 110% every time and I am SO proud of her.

And now, pictures for your viewing pleasure!


In this scene, Bethany is the statue in the long white dress. Belle has discovered her father in the castle prison and the Beast has approached. At the end of the scene, when Belle takes the place of her Father, the statue (Bethany) comes to life to drag Belle’s father out.


Here Bethany is a villager.



Scenes in the castle



In the village, Gaston encourages the folks to “Kill the Beast!” while the head of the insane asylum (played by Mr. Ryan Smit) looks on.


Bethany’s curtain call from the first performance.


The second night, we had better seats to view Bethany’s staging. In the opening scene, she is a villager pretending to be a statue.




I love how expressive she is!



A villager singing “Gaston”



During “Be our Guest” (Regretfully, I don’t have any pictures of the “feather duster”, played by Jami Jo. Anyone else?)


Bethany is one of the plates in “Be Our Guest.”





Bethany with our neighbor and friend.


Our favorite director, Mrs. Dean!

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