Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Third of July

We met some friends for a picnic at Lake Padden after church on the 3rd of July. I blogged about it a little bit here. I didn’t take very many pictures, as soaking up the sun from my comfy chair while chatting with my friend seemed slightly more important at the time…so much for the “Practically Professional Photographer” as I’ve been dubbed by friends…


All the girls swimming in the lake!


Elise enjoying her ooey gooey peanut butter brownie.




Elise eventually got cold and wrapped herself up in a towel on the grass to watch the other girls swim. She looked like a little turtle there in the sun and reminded me of baby days…when the girls were tiny, I would lay them on their tummies on my chest with their little legs all curled up underneath them and they always reminded me of little turtles when I did that.

And no, it does not make me want to have another baby. It just makes me want to hold one.

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