Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I’m behind on this blog. I have A TON of pictures to edit. But I’m going to Colorado tomorrow for the GEMS conference, so it hasn’t really been a priority. It may be a while before there are pictures for you, my faithful blog readers, to enjoy.

Just a brief bit of “what’s been happening…”

Saturday, July 2: Sarah came home! Becca was stomach sick, but so far no one else has gotten it, so we are hopeful & thankful! The 2nd performance of Beauty & The Beast was awesome and Bethany was stunning!

Sunday, July 3: A beautifully sunny day was made even better by meeting some friends at a lake in B’ham! We picnicked, walked, rested, chatted, and relaxed. The girls all swam in the lake, despite the fact that this lake is “known for swimmer’s itch” AND I saw both ducks and snails, which of course are both necessary for swimmer’s itch to exist. But, I just took my Ph.D. brother’s advice and made them rub off well every time they came out of the water, then showered at the end and rubbed hard. It was a super day. And no one got swimmer’s itch.

Monday, July 4: We did some chores and junk around the house and took off mid-afternoon for B’ham. We stopped at a store to buy some shoes for Ed and then headed to the water for a picnic and to check out the 4th of July festivities. The walk and picnic were glorious and the festivities were OK, although it was all much more minimal than we expected. We walked back to Logos and waited around for more people to show up since Ed had left his key card at home! We ended up being invited by the boss to watch the fireworks from the roof of the Flatiron (7-story building with a great view of the bay!) It was a blast. I took no pictures. I simply enjoyed the moment. There were however, photographers on site and you can view pictures here and here.

Tuesday, July 5: I ran some errands with the girls, which included a stop at the Dollar Store. A couple weeks ago the “activity” they pulled from the jar was a visit to the Dollar Store where they could each buy one thing. We hadn’t had a chance with camp and Summer Stock and all, so we made a point to go in there. Everyone seems happy with their $1 purchase thus far and nothing has broken yet. I call that another Activity Jar Success!

Wednesday, July 6: Aack! I leave tomorrow! I took Sarah out to pick raspberries from 6:00 – 9:00 this morning (we got up at 5:00 to get there!) for her very first non-babysitting-paying-job! It went well. We got home, cleaned up, and headed to the pool for Becca & Elise’s last swimming lesson. Today Ed came to watch and we stayed for part of Family Swim afterwards. This, along with our Sunday picnic and our fireworks adventures, counts as the Activity Jar Activities for this week! Woo-hoo! THREE more successes!

I do have pictures to share (just not of the fireworks) and I will get to that. Eventually. Right now I have to go fold laundry and pack for the GEMS conference in Colorado!

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