Monday, September 5, 2011

Back to Teaching + Being Sick = Bad Blogger

So, the girls started school a week ago. So did I. Few days later? I got sick. Big surprise. Because of me getting back into the classroom and getting sick, I have not yet posted “First Day of School” pictures. And that makes me a bad blogger. Sigh. You may just have to get used to this, folks…

Anyway, the first day of school arrived with much anticipation and excitement! All the girls except Elise started on Tuesday, so her pictures are yet to come…


Sweet second grader



So-cool sixth grader



Gulp! An 8th grader!




One must actually line up to get a picture in front of the sign on the first day of school. But it’s worth it.


Second grade teacher, Miss K!

She’s got a personality like Becca’s, so I’m sure they’ll get along swimmingly. PLUS, she has my reading loft from when I had my own classroom, so we think it’s pretty cool that Becca gets to use it.


If I had thought of it while I was still editing that photo, I would have put a little thought bubble over their heads that said, “Seriously, Mom! You’re really gonna make us stand in front of the middle school to take our picture?!” They should just be thankful I didn’t make them pose with their teacher and that I only took one picture and that I was fast. But yes. I’m gonna make you stand in front of the middle school. Because I’m pretty sure I’m never gonna get away with taking your picture in front of the high school. Until the day you graduate. Then you’ll beg me to take a picture in front of the high school.

And I might.

If I can see through the tears.

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