Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My baby

She’s a Kindergartener now! She’s been waiting SOOOOO long for this day – when she could go to school almost as much as her sisters and be a big school kid. And now she has arrived!


She doesn’t look ready or excited or anything, does she?



And at school with one of her good friends:


Elise goes to school M, Th, and every other Tuesday. I know, it’s a crazy schedule, but it’s the only way to go half time and full days both…the teacher has another class that goes W, F, and every other Tuesday, so she has a full-time schedule between her two classes. The Kindergarten class that I work in is an all-day, every-day class, but I just work M, T, & Th mornings, so Elise & I have pretty much the same schedule except for every other Tuesday morning, when she’ll get to play at a friend’s house. So far it’s working out really well and we both love Kindergarten!


dee said...

Yeah Elise! You look like such a big kid in these pictures...must be those pierced ears. I LOVE your new shirt and your cool sneakers. I think you picked out the perfect back-to-school outfit! I hope you love kindergarten!

Jennifer said...

It's finally her turn! Yay, Elise!