Monday, September 12, 2011

Life as we know it

My life is so blessed. And my life is hard. And my life is so amazing. And my life is so overwhelming.

How is it possible to go through that many emotions about my life in just a single day? Who am I kidding? Sometimes I go through that many emotions about my life in an HOUR!

But life. is. good.

I have 4 daughters, who, despite hating variables in algebra, despite getting stressed about getting things done, despite changing outfits 3 times every morning (clearly simply an exercise in exasperating her mother) and despite whining incessantly about wanting to have a playdate with Dee, LOVE school, get along well, and are a blessing to my life.

I have 18 incredibly adorable Kindergarten students, only 5 of whom are girls. They have ALL stolen my heart and so far I look forward to seeing them and the other teachers I work with.

I was blessed to serve & train 21 counselors from the state of WA last weekend at our annual GEMS Fall Workshop. We were disappointed in our numbers and a bit frazzled by some technical difficulties, but God showed up and God will bless these women and the girls they serve in their GEMS all over the state.

I was excited. and humbled. and thrilled beyond belief tonight when we had THIRTY EIGHT girls show up for our GEMS kick-off! That is more than ever before and we had an awesome time. We have an incredible set of counselors and I love them all.

I have been blessed with LOTS of awesome friends who are being very long-suffering with me and this life of mine.

And my house is literally a train wreck. I have no idea what we’re having for dinner tomorrow (except that it’ll be Mexican, but that’s a whole ‘nother blog post and I promise it’s coming!), my shopping list is non-existent, we’re out of things like hand soap (which never happens to me), and my clean laundry pile has been sitting in a heap (not even folded) for so long that I’ve worn everything in it and it’s time to do my laundry again.

I’m beginning to think that maybe this new, one-day-or-moment-at-a-time life is going to stick around for good…and one minute I’m secretly glad about that and the next minute I’m pretty sure it’ll kill me.

And then there’s Ed. Patient. Willing. Supportive. Dish washer. Without whom this new one-day-or-moment-at-a-time life would surely kill me.

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Jagers said...

You'll make it I promise. Being a working mom/wife is the hardest thing ever but it can also be very rewarding you just have to fi d the balance.....and you will I just know it. And a clean house is overrated:). No really I will be praying I know how it is and I have so been there.