Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Your tax dollars at work

Smart Trips. It’s smart to sign up for those. But you can’t, unless you carpool to work. Or take the bus. Or something like that. But as you know, Ed is smart. And he carpools. So he signed up for Smart Trips. And now we get free stuff sometimes.

Like $10 to spend at the Bellingham Farmer’s Market:






Okay, so we didn’t get all that for $10, but those are all the treasures we came home with.

And more free stuff:





And that, my friends, are your tax dollars at work.

Oh, and of course since we were downtown, we had to get some Mallard ice cream for the birthday boy!



And the little girls got to pick out fabric for their book slings that I optimistically hope to sew for them on Friday.



Mother Superior said...

Do you have a pattern for your book slings? Otherwise please post a picture of them when they're finished.

LOVE your pictures of my kiddos. thank you for doing an amazing job once again!!!! Made me cry

Jagers said...

You better be showing us those book slings when you finish them. That fabric is so cute!