Tuesday, October 18, 2011

i heart fall

I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before, but fall is my FaVoRiTe season. By a LOOOOONG shot. I love pretty much everything about it…going back to school, buying new pencils, wearing jeans & sweaters, drinking cider and brown sugar cinnamon mochas, eating soup, seeing the fall colors, waking up to crisp mornings with fog and watching the sun burn it off slowly in the valley…sigh…such a beautiful season.

This past Saturday we got to enjoy a bit of fall and a bit of a local fall destination, Stoney Ridge. It’s amazing. It’s full of the smells and sights of fall, and the decorations are simply candy for the eye. Yum.






We ate pumpkin donuts…a new treat this year. Yummy!






Oops. We ate the caramel apple pie ala mode so fast that I couldn’t even get a picture until it was all gone. SO. DELICIOUS. We also had cider donuts later on, and again, ate them so fast I didn’t get a picture. We also saw the animals (goats, ponies, rabbits, chickens, etc.) and went in the corn maze, walked the trail, and picked out our Christmas tree.

Yes, you read that right. Stoney Ridge also is open in December and they have U-cut Christmas trees. As we were walking the trail back from the pumpkin patch to the exit I saw the perfect Christmas tree. I walked down the row, checked it out, and gave Ed the thumbs up. Smile

The girls said, “Are we getting our tree today?” Hee hee. No, silly girls. And, it will surely be gone by the time we go to pick out our tree.

Did I mention the other great thing about Stoney Ridge? It’s about 90 seconds of driving from our house. It’s the only thing we live close to. And it’s awesome. It’s the one thing we Eversonites have to be proud of. We’ll take it.

When we got home from the pumpkin patch, we did a little fall decorating…


First Becca went and picked the 2 pumpkins she grew from a seed she started last spring in first grade!


We put them up on the front porch with a gourd we got at Stoney Ridge and some fall blooms in an old wood crate.


And we fancied up the milk jug a bit…


…as well as the fireplace mantel…


…and now fall has settled in to our home and my heart is happy.


Ed said...

Hey, don't forget Herb Niemann's Steak House.

Carrie Roer said...

Fun fun fun. Fall is my favorite too :)

alvh said...

I agree about fall. LOVE it! Especially with the weather being so lovely the last few days.

Tamara said...

the mantle looks SO GOOD! great work, my friend! (as do the photos of your girls, the food, the decor on the porch....)

DeJongs said...

Way to go, Becca! You'll have to teach your ways. I still can't get a pumpkin to grow. Okay, hold up-Bethany if I read that sign right you are almost 5' tall...uh oh I'm getting past by another one :) Wish we were able to enjoy Fall like the PNW.