Sunday, October 30, 2011

Simple Gifts

Last week the Junior High gave a little music assembly…a little orchestra, a little choir, a little band. They don’t have a “Fall Concert”, but they have this assembly for parents. It’s always on a Thursday morning and now I am working Thursdays, so I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to go! Then I found out that that same afternoon was to be my Kindergartener class’ field trip to the pumpkin patch (as well as Elise’s) and that I could go (& get paid) and not work in the morning if I wanted. I said, “Cool, now I can go to the assembly and then go to work just a little late and the pumpkin patch and still get paid more than a regular day!” So, that morning I stopped in at my classroom on the way to the assembly and the teacher I work for said, “Guess what! My daughter has a solo in that assembly, so we’re taking our Kindergarteners to watch it!” Very. Cool. So I got to see the assembly and get paid at the same time!!

Turned out that Sarah also had a flute solo, so it was really a fun morning for us & the Kindergarteners!


Check out Sarah’s solo in this video of Simple Gifts.

And their other fun song, Serengeti Dreams.

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