Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip #1!

A couple weeks ago both Elise & Becca had pumpkin patch field trips…different pumpkin patches, different “education” purposes…but both pumpkin patch field trips. I was able to go along for both of them and they were both a lot of fun! For now, I’ll just share the pictures from Elise’s field trip, which was Thursday the 20th.


on the bus…big kid stuff!



the chosen pumpkin…teacher’s instructions were: “You have to be able to carry it yourself.”



on the wagon ride…a little windy & cool, but not wet! Hooray!



on the playground at the pumpkin patch…she spends most of nearly every recess going across the monkey bars and she has gotten really good and fast!



riding around on the little barrel train and loving it



the farmer took the train through a gully of mud & water…I could hear Elise giggling above the train!



Elise’s Kindergarten Class!

Not a lot of education on this Kindergarten field trip, but they smiled and had a good time and got along with their friends, which is also pretty important in Kindergarten.

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