Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip #2

On Friday, October 21st, Becca’s class headed out to a different pumpkin patch for their highly educational field trip. I had the honorary pleasure of being a “group leader” which meant that I had to write down what all the children in my group said. It was pretty fun. The children were to make observations regarding the apple orchard, the pumpkin patch, & the Christmas tree grove. The most common observation I wrote down was “muddy.” That’s because for this field trip it was very, very wet. As in, lots o’ rain. Thankfully it was not super cold or I might have let sweet Miss K be a group leader herself.

Because of the weather, I did not bring my good camera on the field trip. I just used my phone…hence the poor quality of pictures. However, Miss K brought her good camera in a plastic bag and took fun pictures, which you can see on her blog post regarding the pumpkin patch field trip.


This was my group of very sweet second graders. Becca’s the one with the hair in her face…we call her Pete when that happens. The girl on the right is Becca’s current best friend. The other girls are, of course, her friends also. I’m pretty sure Becca is friends with everyone. Yesterday I drove by the playground during lunch recess and she was in the middle of a gigantic group hug with pretty much every girl in her class.



Becca’s entire second grade class. Note the mud? And this was in a pretty dry spot…


This shot was the teacher’s idea. I think they had to do it about 12 times before all the moms had a good picture. Becca’s teacher has a personality VERY similar to Becca…full of the dickens & drama with a caring heart.

It was a fun field trip, but I will admit that when it was over I went home, put on dry clothes, made my favorite brown sugar cinnamon mocha, and warmed myself by the fire. Ah…being a mom of 4 school-aged children has its moments…field trips & quiet time home alone!

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