Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Goodies

I had several projects and ideas in the works for this Christmas season. Most of them I did finally accomplish…not all, but most. There aren’t pictures of everything, but of most things, at least. Also included in this post are some other odds and ends that don’t fit anywhere else, but are important, in one way or another, to me.


Over my birthday weekend we went to a craft show at the ferry terminal and it was already decorated for Christmas. I loved some of these old-fashioned ornaments.



Teacher gifts this year included this Chai Loaf and Vanilla Chai Tea Mix (which also went to a few neighbors).



My crafty friend Tam made this ornament for a birthday gift! I love it and love having it hang on my perfect tree!


The girls helped me finish the blankets for their DeJong cousins.


We made some M&M cookies and Christmas cut-out cookies for both us and for some neighbors and friends. Those cut-out cookies are absolutely the best ever. The recipe calls for sour cream and it makes the fluffiest, softest cut-out cookies ever. Topped with homemade powdered sugar frosting, they are (and unfortunately irresistible).


We’ve also gone swimming with friends, shopped, crafted more projects, relaxed together, had family game night, movie night, & driven around to see Christmas lights over this holiday season. Still to come: The Nutcracker Ballet in Seattle with my parents for the girls, a walk through the Gallery Walk of Faith in Bellingham, time with friends, and more hanging out!

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