Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Miracle on Main Street

On December 18, the youth of our church presented a fabulous Christmas musical, “Miracle on Main Street”, under the great direction of Amy VDB & Jill S. It was such fun to watch how these kids learned the songs and their parts over the course of the fall and then put on their show! I had an especially great time because it was one of few times that the girls have participated in something like this and I was totally uninvolved! LOL! I was so proud of the girls and ALL the Sunday School kids and so grateful for all the teachers and directors and parents who WERE involved, but it was pure joy to just sit and ENJOY the show! (Fair warning: this post is picture-heavy…I should have probably done a web album, but I didn’t, so just keep scrolling!)


Bethany and a few friends were the kids in the show who were trying to put on a Christmas pageant on Main Street, but were being shut down by the mayor because Christmas isn’t “PC”.


A Soloist



Our SS kids singing their hearts out! I loved watching them smile and praise Jesus! The little boy in green in the front row was so adorable to watch – he watched Elise and copied all her motions!


Even Sarah had a part as the mayor’s daughter, a young mom.



This picture makes me smile! Look at that cute dimple in Sarah’s cheek! She reminds me of Ed’s mom in this picture.


Miss Becca had her first public solo (she’s had MANY solos in the privacy of our own home and in the shower, of course!) and she did a beautiful job! I’m so proud of her.



Bethany had a solo on the first verse of “Go Light Your World.” Loved listening to her sing, again.


Some cute boys with some cute lines.


These twins did a marvelous job on their narration.



The cutest Nativity I’ve ever seen. Great work, costume ladies! That blonde shepherd is my favorite.



There was one adult IN the performance – Mr. V played the part of the mayor. He did great and was very entertaining to watch! In case you’re wondering how the play turns out, the kids go door to door to try to get the people to change the mayor’s mind. They meet the mayor’s daughter and she tells him to let the pageant go on. He does, and of course is so moved by the story of Christmas that he vows to allow it every year, and he wants to be IN the pageant in the future, even if it does cost him votes!



“Incredible, Wonderful, Beautiful Miracle of GOD!”

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Jessica said...

My little family loved this little musical!! All of the kids were awesome. And I cried my eyes out during go light your world....