Wednesday, December 28, 2011

School Christmas Party #1

I know what you’re thinking. “She’s got 4 kids in school, plus she works in another classroom! Does that mean there’s going to be FIVE Christmas party posts? Please, NOOOOO!”

Lucky for you, I only attended TWO school Christmas parties. This here is numero uno.

Elise had her party last week Monday, Dec. 19, the day before school let out for Christmas break. Kindergarteners don’t go to school after the Christmas program, they all go home with their parents when they’re done singing, so that means Kindergarten parties have to happen a day or two beforehand. It was your typical Kindergarten Christmas party…cookie decorating, making a Christmas ornament, finger painting, good stuff!


Here we are together at the cookie decorating center!


She had to add some sprinkles to her masterpiece!


This was a “relay race” of sorts…the kids had to put on gloves, unwrap a Hershey Kiss, eat it, and then run back. But there was not really a winner…it was just for fun, of course!

Really the memorable portion of this party for me came immediately after this relay race, but unfortunately I have no pictures of it and I don’t think I still have the “evidence.” The game was to close your eyes and draw on a paper whatever the teacher read to you. She dictated the drawing of a snowman, “Draw a big circle. Now draw a smaller circle on top of the big circle” and so on. Of course they were supposed to do this with their eyes closed and so when they opened their eyes, it should look nothing like a snowman because the bits and pieces of the snowman were all over the paper. One little girl sitting on the floor next to Elise had drawn an absolutely perfect snowman. Elise’s snowman parts were all over the paper. Elise looked at her paper, then at the girl’s paper next to her (not the paper of the girl in the above photo, by the way), and back at her paper again. Then she promptly and matter-of-factly announced to the other girl, “You were peeking.”

Yes, Elise. You are correct. Her paper has a perfect snowman because she was peeking. But let’s go have a talk about not saying everything that pops into our brains, shall we?

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dee said...

Elise is my hero. Love it!