Monday, March 5, 2012

A Seussism Tribute

It’s Wacky Week and it seems
That wackiness has entered my dreams!
From there to here, from here to there
My wacky dreams are everywhere.

But then, in real life, well, you won’t believe it!
That Cat in the Hat is back, he’s a genius!
He came in the rain, but he’d come in the snow,
Only because he had books to show!_MG_4703


The Children “ooohhed!” and the Children “aaaahhhed!”
And wondered aloud if this Cat had claws.
Alas he does not, as he is gentle.
But what’s under his hat? Well, that’s just subtle.
Is it the Little Cats A & B? Maybe a Voom? Or a Fish in a Pot?
Perhaps if the teachers leave he’ll tell. Perhaps not.





That Cat then left with his books in hand,
But that is not all the fun to be had.
The week of wacky stories has just begun
And so I’ll tell you another one…



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