Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The beginning of a 12-year-stretch

A couple weeks ago, Sarah completed her 8th grade school year, thus making her a “freshman.” This event marks the beginning of 12 consecutive years in which our house will be home to at least one high school girl. Again, I’m breathing in and then out. Very. Intentionally. But honestly, we’re totally excited about the ride ahead and watching how this all unfolds in God’s plan!

We celebrated Sarah’s accomplishment with family & friends on a Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago. It was super fun and I had a great time planning the food and decorations.


LOTS of blue & white


even blue & white candies!!





Before the party started, we gave Sarah her gift from us…


She’s peeked and figured out what it is…


I think she’s excited!



Oh yes! It’s her own phone!! Funny thing is, I don’t think she’s used it to make a phone call yet – only to play games. She has no internet, no texting, and limited calling to start. As she gets older and earns it, she may eventually get texting.



All the “kids” at the party – we’ve known these people so long the girls call them cousins. It was so great to reunite – just missed a few of the other families that used to join us for events and have since moved across the country.



The 8th grade celebration at school is no longer a formal graduation ceremony with too much make-up, strapless dresses, uncomfortable ties, and shoes the girls can’t walk in. It is a celebration and it was awesome. The whole class participates in some activities together after school and then has dinner together as a class. At 6:30, the families arrive, lawn chairs and potluck desserts in hand, and the celebration really begins. Everyone sits in family circles in the gym, eats dessert, watches a slide show of pictures of all the kids, and then each student receives a certificate and the homeroom teacher reads a favorite memory that student wrote about earlier in the year. The evening closes with a time of family prayer and more socializing. I loved it.


Sarah and some of her buds before the celebration began



Sarah serving us dessert





Sarah and one of her favorite teachers. He is one of the best teachers we have ever had the privilege of having in one of our daughter’s lives. I can’t say enough good stuff about him and am so thankful to him for the influence he’s had on Sarah and look forward to Bethany being in his classes for the next two years.


Hey, look at us! We remembered to take a family picture, goofy as it may be…



And Sarah with her grandparents, who served as faith mentors for her this past year and who are also amazing influences in the girls’ lives.

Hard to believe we’re in this stage of life, but like I said, we’re ready! Bring it.

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