Friday, July 27, 2012

Swimming lessons 2012

Summer = swimming lessons at the aquatic center in B-town. It has for years. Just the two little girls now. I think they enjoy swimming lessons for the most part, and I know that it’s good for them to become stronger swimmers, but for some reason it just doesn’t hold the excitement that it used to. And then, once again this year, they didn’t “pass” their class. I don’t understand at all how they couldn’t have passed, because they each did every single thing the teacher asked them to do and Elise was the only one in her class who could even swim. Apparently Becca couldn’t quite swim underwater far enough without taking a breath…and Elise didn’t roll over from her front to her back in the water in the proper fashion (though I’ve seen her roll over and over and over again in our pool). But oh well. We don’t care so much about “passing” because it’s going to be an entire year before they take lessons again and I’ll probably just put them in the next class anyway, being as they were so close to having every box checked on the list. Plus, the list will probably be different…again…



Even so, swimming lessons are a good thing, and a necessary part of summer, and will be for just a few more years.

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