Friday, August 31, 2012

The aftermath

After we got home from Mount Rainier, I crashed for about 3 days. Even though I was only actually stomach sick for an evening and into the night, I could hardly move for the first day and a half and after that I could still only be up and about for small amounts of time…headache, tired, sore muscles. It hit me hard…probably because I had not been getting enough sleep while my family was visiting. That’s pretty much how it goes when they come, and that’s OK because we take every hour we can get with each other. I’m willing to pay those consequences for that time with them. Anyway, thank goodness for the Olympics so that I had something interesting to watch on TV!

Bethany turned 12 during that weekend I was hanging out on the couch…we had celebrated some with family before, thankfully. It was kind of a bummer birthday weekend, I’m afraid. We did give her our present, though…


Waiting for her dad to bring it out…


We haven’t told her it’s in front of her yet!




She likes it! She’s always wanted an “old-fashioned” typewriter. I found this one at an estate sale for $10 and then we had to buy the ribbon for $8 – she has a blast with it!

Ed & I had plans to go for an anniversary getaway on the Monday/Tuesday following our Rainier trip, but since on Sunday afternoon I still couldn’t get off the couch, we didn’t think that was such a good idea. Sad smile We cancelled, but hope to try again this fall or winter. Thankfully by Tuesday night I was feeling much better, so we finally took Bethany out for her birthday dessert!


She chose Menchies, a frozen yogurt chain that is new to our area. It was AWESOME! Good choice, Bethany!!

The next day we went to the Northwest Washington Fair. We went there first thing in the morning and stayed until about 9:00 at night. It was HOT. Like 92 degrees hot. At the fair. With animals. And sweaty people. We saw almost everything and talked to lots of people we know. That’s apparently what the fair is all about…locals running into locals they haven’t seen all summer. Oh, and skimpy clothing. Sarah went off with friends for much of the day and the other girls & I spend a good portion of that time on the rides with some neighbors and various others we happened to meet throughout the day. I didn’t take my camera because who wants to carry that around all day in the heat? Not me, thank you very much. I took one picture with my phone.


There. Proof we were at the fair and that it was hot.

A couple days after the fair I took the girls on a school shopping expedition! THAT was waaaay more fun than the fair. I think the girls even agreed. It cost about the same, too. It’s fun for me to have daughters because I do like to shop. We did a consignment store in Bellingham, the big Kohls & Old Navy in Burlington, Hobby Lobby, & the outlets in Marysville. It was great. Unfortunately I didn’t actually buy too much for the little girls while we were shopping, but afterward I found some online deals that were great, so they were all set to go before the first day of school!

Next up? The XC camping trip!

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