Sunday, September 2, 2012

House For Sale…still

Back in April we put our house up for sale by owner. We had lots of interest pretty quickly and we were pretty optimistic about selling it. We had one cute young couple that came twice and eventually made us a low offer. We didn’t take it and discussed a higher offer with them, but they could not get financed for more. We had another couple who seemed to love our house and we had a full-price offer from them and were getting very close to having all the nitty-gritty details worked out when they suddenly backed off. We actually weren’t surprised because we had found out the day before that they had purchased another house…they had been trying to buy two houses at one time. The other one went through first. We don’t think the deal with us would have actually ever gone through because they were getting a very specific loan with zero down and we don’t think the bank would have allowed them to purchase a home in the flood plain. That was extremely disappointing.

We had bits of interest over the summer, but not much. We hosted an open house and one couple came…the wife had called me a month or so previously because she so loved our house but her husband didn’t want to live in “the city”. Oooookaaaaaayyyyy. Whatever. They came to the open house and she oohed and aahed over everything. She loved it. He seemed more impressed than he wanted to be. A week or so later the wife called me again, concerned that our house was no longer for sale because the sign was done. Well, lucky for her, Ed was just mowing the lawn and our house was still for sale. She came to see it again a couple days later, but since then we have heard diddly-squat from them.

Two weeks ago we decided to try listing our home with a realtor. Houses in our price range are selling quickly in the town in which we want to live and our realtor was optimistic that our house just needed to be visible to more people. After working the numbers a bit we decided that yes, we could afford to use the realtor and our house went live to all the realtors everywhere. 


Guess how many phone calls we’ve had to show the house? None. Zero. Zip. Zilch.

THAT is discouraging, to say the least. This coming Saturday our realtor will be hosting an open house here. We are just praying that our house will sell this fall. Interest rates are low and there are several houses in town near school that we would love to go see as potential homes for us. If God closes this door right now, we are very uncertain as to the future…who knows what the mortgage rates and housing market will be doing next spring. Continuing to live out here is going to be very difficult and stressful…we try to ease things as much as possible, but it’s not the life we have always dreamed of for our family. God knows the plan, though. And in that we take comfort. We’re just really praying that He reveals that plan sooner rather than later. That would sure help me out.

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