Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Our house has been for sale since April. We were for sale by owner until the end of August, and then listed with our realtor, who also happens to be one of my high school classmates. About 5 weeks ago, a young couple came to see our house, fell in love with it, took their parents to see it, and promised an offer. Then we waited, and waited, and waited.

Finally, over a week ago, they came through with a written offer. Low, but it was a starting place and we knew that one way or the other, we could close the books on these buyers. We countered back the following Monday, in addition to seeing a house for sale where we want to live that had good potential. That same weekend I was also informed about another house that would be coming for sale on Friday (which was this past Friday, the 26th). The house is owned by friends of a friend...the owners go to my parents' church...their oldest daughter is in Elise's class at school...her son went to my mom's preschool...good people. Anyway, the house sounded perfect and the owners were gracious enough to let me in to see it before it was officially for sale.

It's perfect.

It has everything we want, (except maybe lights in the ceiling in the family room), and is priced right. It's in a good neighborhood. It's very close to school. It's close to my parents' house. It feels like us.

Our buyers countered back to us during this time and we decided to accept that counter, as it was very close to where we wanted to be and because I had seen a house that we could afford and that I loved. We waited for them, again, to finish up one bit of paperwork, which they did only 90 minutes before the deadline. Eek! That made us pending on our house here and so I took Ed, my parents, and all the girls except for Sarah to go see this house that wasn't yet for sale.

And everyone loved it! (Ed took video for Sarah and she loved it, too!)

Does this all sound like very coincidental timing? We get an offer the same weekend we find out about another house that is available that is perfect for us? Maybe. But I've known in my heart that if it was God's will for us to move, He would provide everything to be just right in His time. I've been a little afraid that it wasn't God's will for us to move...but He is now providing and orchestrating every detail. I have no doubts that He will continue to move in mysterious ways and I just pray that His will IS what it LOOKS LIKE IT IS.

The day that house went on the market, we made an offer. We waited a few days for them to sign because our buyers needed to solidify their loan in order for them to feel comfortable going pending on their house...but just now, that happened! We're not out of the woods, because there are still two inspections to be completed and two loans to "close"...but today was a huge, huge step in the right direction! Praise the Lord!!

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Mother Superior said...

How exciting!!!! It will be so fun to have you closer to my daughter, when we need to pick up the sewing machine.
I know you've waited a long time but God does do things in His time. What an inspiration you are to me!! thanks