Monday, October 29, 2012

The many faces of Becca

The 3rd Ball girl recently turned 9. She had a fabulous birthday, as evidenced by the following pictures…


Enjoying our oddly-off-tune rendition of “Happy Birthday” at breakfast before church…we had cinnamon rolls with sprinkles and a candle.


Opening the cute purple & green felted wool purse from Great-grandma…I think she likes it!



Spot-It Game was also a hit, especially after playing it with cousins this past summer!


Money to the American Girl Store from her grandpa…she was SHOCKED. She’s been pouring over the catalog that comes with the gift card for the last two days…



I think she likes the pillow pet from G&G!


Lots of smiles during the 2nd not-so-off-tune rendition of “Happy Birthday” of the day…but no eye contact with the mama’s camera lens.


And here she is seriously pondering her “wish” before blowing out the candle…

Oh, how that girl makes me laugh and fills my heart with joy! Happy birthday, Becca! Looking forward to your birthday dessert out someday soon!!

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Tamara said...

happy (belated) birthday, sweet becca!
[julie - when did she grow up? when did her hair get SO LONG? - i'm jealous! and when, oh when do i get to see all four of your girls again?!]