Thursday, October 18, 2012

Some more Cross Country

The season is just about over…well, Bethany’s actually IS over. Sarah’s got one meet left for sure…Tri-Districts. IF the girls’ team can place in the top six, then there will be a trip to the state tournament. Honestly, I get choked up just thinking about it. I’m telling you, if someone produced a movie about a small town high school girls’ cross country team trying to make it to the state meet, I would bawl through the entire thing. Generally I can hold it together during a race because I’m busy cheering and taking pictures. But as soon as one of my girls crosses the finish line and there’s all this relief and joy and pride, well, then, I get a big ole’ lump in my throat and I have to kind of gulp and reprimand myself for being so sentimental. It’s just so strange because I’m SO NOT INTO SPORTS. But when you start talking about school pride and teams that this year my girls are blessed to be part of…well…you might as well grab me some kleenex.

Anyway, enough about ME. This is to show off some more Cross Country photos of my amazing running daughters!


practicing their start at the Peace Arch meet – high school XC coach is behind them as the middle school coach couldn’t be there that day



That’s some stride! But this is still in the practice start and they’re having some fun. Smile


Tell the truth. You have a lump in your throat, too, right?


It was such a beautiful day out at Peace Arch. It’s a pretty course, too.


Coming in to the finish. She passed that Trojan in front of her just before the finish!


At the dreaded Vista meet. This is the toughest middle school course. A loop they repeat 3 times, with a super long uphill and then a super long downhill. Nasty. Coaches are told to expect to add one minute to everyone’s average time. Bethany was not looking forward to this meet at all and was SO happy when it was over! Sarah had a bad race here once and pretty much scared Bethany half to death about how awful it was. Thankfully, while Bethany didn’t have a great race, she did just fine and is no longer scared of the dreaded Vista meet.



Coming in to the finish. And again, she passed that Trojan!


At the final home meet, where she tied her PR for the year and where I didn’t get any finish line pictures because people were standing literally IN THE COURSE and I couldn’t see Bethany at all. But she had a great finish once again! I don’t think she was racing anyone at the end this time, but she finished strong.


The start of Wednesday’s Northwest Conference Championships…this is an important meet only in that it’s the last one for anyone not running Varsity. It’s the last one for them. It’s also “bragging rights” for those who win the meet, both in individual and team standings.


Sarah was looking strong throughout the course.



It appears Sarah has some kick at the end, too! She passed that girl in the purple/white and see that girl in the yellow and black shorts on the bottom right of the picture? She passed her, too!

This picture is from the school photographer, whose niece also runs. I borrowed it from the school Facebook page. It’s a great shot and Sarah looks so strong. She PR’ed, running a full 5K in 20:52.

On To Districts!

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