Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Slumber Party Time

This past weekend Becca was finally able to have her birthday slumber party with her friends. I only allow two at a time at this age and because of the size of our house. When we move, I’m going to probably have to give in to bigger slumber parties, I think.

Her two current BFF’s came over after school and they had a lot of fun. One girl doesn’t do so well with sleeping over yet, so her dad ended up picking her up at 10:30, but that was OK. They had finished their games, their painting project, dinner, presents, and a movie by that time. Becca and her remaining friend were asleep before 11:00 and slept until a bit after 6:00…not too bad for 9 year olds sleeping on a sofa bed together!


When Becca & I chose this art palette cake, I was feeling very energetic and creative. When I made the cake, after an entire week of subbing…well, let’s just say I was feeling less energetic and creative. They still loved it, though. I mean, what 9-year-old girl in her right mind would not appreciate a chocolate cake with globs of frosting?


Here’s Becca & her nearest & dearest friend in all the earth after pancakes on Saturday morning, showing off the craft they made at the party:


They are two peas in a pod. That is for. sure.

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