Thursday, December 13, 2012

Decorating our tree

Because of the chaos of life this year, we decided to just put up our small fake tree and let the girls decorate it with their own ornaments. While it’s not anything stunning or gorgeous, we had a great evening just watching the girls open their ornament boxes, listening to them say, “I remember when I got THIS ornament!”, and cringing as they (mostly the little girls) placed ornaments willy-nilly on the tree, with no regard whatsoever to bare spots or other ornaments around. But I have not touched a single ornament on that tree – it is theirs and they are happy, so I am happy.




Just gave them their ornaments for this year…stuffed owls for the big girls and stuffed dolls for the little girls. I think they liked them!



This makes me laugh and brings such joy – it’s exactly as it’s supposed to be and shows everyone’s personality of the moment. And it’s as good as the pictures got that night because a couple of those wonderful girls were in pretty silly moods. We are now ready for Christmas!



Anonymous said...

Doesn't look like a "small" tree to me. If you want to see small, come on over. I'll put the hot apple cider on and I'll even go out and get some cinnamon doughnuts.

Mother Superior

Tamara said...

i love it! and being the bad mommy that i am, i DID move some ornaments. I could NOT handle 15 ornaments hanging from the exact same tip of a branch....

and i'm impressed (and shocked) that you gave OWL ornaments?! wow! :) good work!

and i love and miss all those smiling, silly faces!

Ed / Julie said...

Mother Superior - would love to! Tam - you are NOT a bad mommy. I used to move ornaments when my children were as little as yours also. The girls are actually getting much better and there are only a few oddly placed ornaments. :) And yes, owls. They were pretty cute for owls, and since the girls LOVE owls, it seemed like the thing to do.

DeJongs said...

We did the same thing this year by only putting up our fake tree and only pulled out the boy's ornaments. The tree sits in their bedroom and is the light they fall asleep to every night....I just adore that. This Christmas been hard for both our families, but it's nice to see the kids still get excited.