Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Seems about right

Five years ago today we lost Ed's mom to brain cancer. Seems like yesterday.

And it seems like forever ago.

So I guess 5 years seems about right.

Recently two pastors in our town (our interim pastor & my parents' pastor) lost their mothers, which made me reminisce. Their mothers were older - 75 & 95 - and didn't have cancer, but I imagine it's the same in many ways.

Recently a student at our school (an exchange student, no less) was diagnosed with cancer. Right before Christmas and so far away from her mom. My heart aches.

And it's Christmastime, which is a time when one dearly misses the family that's not around, both because of physical distance on a map and because of the separation death brings.

But it's Christmastime! There are Promises. And there is Hope. And there is a Cure for what ails us all.

So while today is a day we remember and feel the grief of loss, and that grief is compounded by the fact that it is Christmastime, I am being reminded also that that grief is also only comforted by the Promises and Hope that come with Christmastime.

And that also seems about right.

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DeJongs said...

I can't believe it's been 5 years. I remember her memorial like it was yesterday. {{hugs}} to you and Ed.