Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Busy Saturday in December

First let me apologize for the quality of my photographs. I am having camera issues. Or photographer issues. I’m not sure which…my new lens just isn’t as good as my other one was, even though it’s the exact same lens. And I can’t seem to get things to work right on my end either. I really need to go outside during the bright part of the day and see if that helps the situation and I get good photos…then I’ll know if it’s the lens or just me.

It’s been a Christmas-filled weekend…started with Ed & I attending the Logos Christmas party on Friday night.


That’s an iPhone picture, so that’s why it’s so grainy…

We had a good time with the Logos folks, as always, but we didn’t win any prizes this year. Sarah was at a Christmas party with her friends, and Bethany was at a birthday party, so the little girls stayed overnight at my folks. That meant Ed & I got to sleep in and leisurely drink our coffee on Saturday morning, which hardly ever happens. It was wonderful! But then once we picked up the kids, everything was kicked into high gear for the day!

Becca sang with her elementary school choir at the local art center. They sang earlier in the week at the staff Christmas party and will sing next week at the library and again at the school Christmas program on the last day of school before Christmas break.


See that cute brunette making eyes at her mother? Love that girl.

Then we headed to the tree farm close by to help my parents pick out their tree. No tree for us this year…too much hassle for this year…but of course we couldn’t stand to not go to the tree farm with Grandma & Grandpa!



Grandpa’s measuring to see if it will fit.


This is the one!


After hot cocoa and warm pumpkin donuts, we headed home to get all the girls all spiffed-up. Sarah was headed to an “anti-tolo” event with her friends (Tolo is a local Sadie-Hawkins-style dance that is for all the county high schools. A LOT of kids, especially lower classmen, get dressed up and do their own thing, instead of going to the dance…hence the name “anti-tolo.”) The other 3 were headed to see The Nutcracker in town with my aunt and my cousin’s daughter.




Hoping to get more anti-tolo pictures from some parents who took pictures at the event. Will post soon!

Ed & I found ourselves at home alone together for the second time on a very busy Saturday. We got take-out from the local “meat pies” establishment, watched a movie & a TV show and I finished some gifts I have been working on. It was quite a pleasant, yet busy, Saturday in December!

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