Friday, December 7, 2012

Alright. I'm done.

Now that it's a for sure thing that we won't be moving until mid-January, due to the slowness of certain agencies in their ability to process loans, I've been kind of mopey. Realizing that it's at least 5+ weeks until we'll be moving makes me feel just a little insane.

But it's time I take the advice I so often give my children: Stop. Whining.

I'm done whining. I'm done being sad. I'm done wishing it could be different.

At least for today.

So today, I'm going to pick up this house a little. Straighten piles & re-organize boxes. If we have to live here through the holidays and into the beginning of the school year, we're going to need that space. Today I will blast the Christmas music while I prepare the house for (a few) Christmas decorations. Today I will try to get back into my regular rhythm & routine of caring for this house and my family. It's definitely not fair to them for me to just quit my "job" for the next month.

Yes, I'm still sad and yes, I'm still bummed, but there's nothing to be done, except to pray, which I will.

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Anonymous said...

They say 95% of our attitude is how we choose to view things. I firmly believe this - I don't practice it nearly enough. Thank you for being so honest with your feelings - I'd be bummed too. But as long as you're there by Feb. 7th, things look good for me.

Happy Decorating!!!!!
Mother Superior