Sunday, March 17, 2013

There’s been some stuff happening…

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately. It’s not for want of activity around here, that’s for sure. We’re busy with regular life – school, work, GEMS, track, music lessons – not to mention packing and a little weekend away for Ed & I (which I will blog about at a later date, after I get all my friend’s photos from her camera…I chose NOT to haul my camera around for that one!)

Our house here is sold and all done and we’re “renting” the house back until we can get into our new house on March 23. Things are gradually getting organized and packed, but I am NOT looking forward to the unpacking just yet…largely because I am not organizing everything *before* it goes into a box because I don’t yet know how it will be arranged once it’s out of the box. It will be a process, that is for sure.

In the meantime, we have to keep this Everson home maintained, and unfortunately the washing machine (which is staying with the house) decided to start leaking. Several weeks back it got “off-balance” and the plastic door gasket became warped. A week or two later the gasket cracked and therefore I had water on the floor of the laundry room. Ugh. I emailed our realtor, because that’s what everyone does when their washer leaks, right?

No, actually I emailed him because he used to work at an appliance store and I wanted his advice on who to call to fix it. Our realtor got right on the job, emailing a buddy to get us a used part (for free, no less) and encouraging Ed to fix it himself. Ed watched a couple YouTube videos and went to work.


He took that thing apart, which pretty much caused me to hyperventilate, given Ed’s known un-handyman-likeness. He put the new-to-us part in, put it all back together, and lo and behold! No more leaking!! Way to go, Ed! Oh, and YouTube. And the realtor. And the realtor’s buddy who gave us the part.

Ed better watch out…now that he’s proven himself yet again, I just might have some more handyman jobs for him at the new house…

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