Wednesday, March 6, 2013

October Baby

Sunday night Ed & I watched the movie, "October Baby." I intended to only watch a bit of it and to watch more another evening. But I couldn't stop watching. It gripped me. There was no phenomenal acting (though I did think it was quite good acting) or astonishing special effects or suspenseful twists and turns. But the story..the story gripped me. I loved it.

What really surprised me was my reaction to the end...the 19-year-old college student moves out of her parents' home and into the & wonderful boyfriend at her side...and says a tearful good-bye to her parents, and especially to her father...and I found myself sobbing.

Sobbing. Truly.

Why? Probably because it was like watching me with my parents and Sarah with Ed & I all at the same time.

My heart could not take it. 22 years ago. And three years from now.

Three years!

And then that will be me, sending my first-born off to college. I have that lump in my throat just thinking about it.

Anyway, me sobbing really has nothing to do with the movie. Watch the movie.

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