Tuesday, April 30, 2013

All right, then! Here we go!

It is on my TO-DO list to blog at least once this week, so I better get myself in gear…

This will be your standard random catch-up post…MI will come later after I have edited and sorted pictures.


Before we moved, we disassembled the playground structure. We still aren’t sure if we’ll be reassembling it at our new house, but it doesn’t look promising. It’s 13 years old and has moved twice and has been played on hard. The slide might be salvageable, so if we decide not to put up a playground structure again, we will probably donate it to some friends. Then we’ll have to see if the children can convince us to get a trampoline. They’re working on us.


Pinterest Success! This may seem lame, but I really hate all those bottles and whatnot falling down in the shower and most of those baskets that hang from the shower head only hold small bottles. I shop at Costco. I don’t have small bottles. I saw this idea on Pinterest…to use a tension rod on the back wall of the shower and hang little baskets from shower curtain rings. Viola! It works great! No bottles falling on my feet or head.


I let the girls have LOTS of playdates over spring break. Kept them busy so I could unpack. And look how much fun they had!!


Did you know it is not easy to hang a map on a sloped ceiling? Just sayin’

But I love the new homework spot…since this photo was taken we have added baskets on a rod to hold pencils and junk. Unfortunately, the kids don’t seem to do their homework on this table too much. They like to be downstairs by me. Go figure.


Well, that picture pretty much speaks for itself! My brother and SIL had a new baby GIRL on April 6! So thankful to add Kinley to the family!! Becca decided to advertise to the new neighborhood about her new baby cousin.

Isn’t she the sweetest?


Elise’s first grade diorama. I have a new philosophy about homework that I did NOT have when Sarah was 6. What is that, you ask? Homework is for the children. NOT for the parents. Okay, so I baked the cookie you see on the stack of books, and I got the paint out of the cupboard, but that is all. And she did a remarkable job all on her own, I think!


My parents went to CA to see the new baby and I taught for them and tried to care for the tadpoles while they were gone. The tadpole died. And it hailed! Like crazy! We had to stay inside and wait to head home because it was hailing SO HARD!


Sarah had a birthday. Her little sisters had a little too much fun making her cards…09-IMG_185410-IMG_1857

My baby lost a couple teeth! Then the tooth fairy fell asleep and didn’t take her tooth and leave her money. So she wrote the tooth fairy a note and left it on my pillow. It said: “To: Tooth Fairy. From: Julie’s Doter (daughter) Elise. Remember to get my tooth too night.”

Then when the tooth fairy (that would be me) went to get the tooth, there was a little squished up note stuck next to the tooth. It said, “May I af egstra money pleas?”

Baby, when you make your momma laugh like that, of course you may have extra money!


Last week was the super fun Pops Concert for the high school choirs. Each “section” of a choir has a theme and they have to dress up. Sarah’s “mixed chorus – alto” section chose “Alice in Wonderland”. Sarah is the “Drink Me” bottle and her cute friend is the cookie. I’m not super familiar with Alice in Wonderland, but aren’t they adorable?

MI coming soon!

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