Thursday, April 4, 2013

Track has begun!

Sarah’s track season began way back in February with turnouts in the cold, rain, & wind. Meets began in mid March. Sarah’s done pretty well – all the distance runners (especially freshman & sophomores) are trying out all the distance events to see who does best at which events. There have been four meets so far. At the first meet, Sarah ran the 800m and the 4x200m relay – she placed 2nd in the 800m with a time of 2:42 (a few seconds off her PR) and their relay also placed second, but there were only two teams participating.

At the second & third meets, Sarah ran the 1600m (one mile) and ran 6:04 and 6:08 respectively…not her best times. She felt pretty good about the first race, since it was her first 1600m of the year, but she had wanted to improve on that time the next time she ran the 1600m. Maybe next time.

At this most recent meet, she ran the 3200m with a time of 13:24, which she was decently happy with. She came in first, but there was very little competition that day because the big school that was scheduled to be at the meet had canceled school that day due to a bomb threat (which thankfully turned out to be nothing more than a prankster who wrote on the bathroom wall that there was a bomb in the school…why do kids do things like that?)

She wants to eventually hit 13:00 in the 3200m and break her PR of 5:55 in the 1600m, and it’s good for her to have a goal. And it’s always good for this mama to watch her run. I just love it.



PLUS – I found my Lava Seat that I got for Christmas and had packed away for moving…so now my buns will stay nice & warm at those cold meets!

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