Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Becca is 10!

Back in October we celebrated Becca’s 10th birthday! It was also my grandma’s 91st birthday and my friend’s 39th birthday. Big year!!

Becca is an energetic, beautiful, vibrant, talented, and fun daughter. 4th grade can be a tough transition year for girls and she is dealing with some of those things at school, but is handling the changes remarkably well. She’s smart and boy, can she sing & act when she doesn’t know anyone is watching! We celebrated her birthday with our traditional family Sunday lunch (she chose French Dip and ice cream) and she had a sleepover last weekend. The girls had such a good time…I think!




I love how you can see Elise blowing along with Becca while she watches…


Becca didn’t really have a “cowgirl party”, but we did cut out these cute cowboy boots to make cupcake picks and she also created her own “pin the tag on the cow” game. She drew a cow head on posterboard and I made tags with numbers (like ‘10’ and ‘28’ and other numbers pertinent to Becca) which she colored and cut out. It’s your basic “pin the tail on the donkey” game, but you want to tag the cow’s ear. Unfortunately, none of the pictures turned out…you’ll have to take my word for it that it was super cute and they had a blast!






For a craft we made friendship bracelets with safety pins and tiny glass beads. They turned out really well!


Pizza for dinner followed by a movie (“Second Chances” – about a crippled girl and a crippled horse who yes, you guessed it, both heal as they develop a friendship. And of course the girl’s mom (a widow) and the horse’s owner eventually get married. Sigh. I really do love those sappy little movies.) They ate Kettle Korn while watching the movie. After the movie two friends went home, but two stayed for a sleepover and I think they actually got about 7 hours of sleep!



In the morning they did each other’s hair and ate French Toast. I brought them home and then we hit the road for state XC!

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