Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tri-Districts 2013

This past Saturday was the class 1A Tri-District meet down in Lakewood, near Tacoma. This is the biggest meet of the year because it, and it alone, determines who gets to run in the state meet in Pasco the following Saturday. Despite the high winds and cold temperatures, we had SUCH a good time watching the races! Our boys didn’t do great, but our top runner was in the top 30, so he qualified to run at state as an individual. The boys placed 9th overall, but only the top 6 teams get to compete at state. The girls did AWESOME! Our Sarah ran an incredible race, passing a girl she’s been running against and trying to beat for 4 years in the home stretch, and placed SEVENTH. It wasn’t her PR, but considering her PR was on a “fast course” and this was considered a “difficult course” and the weather conditions were pretty awful for running, her coach told her she had the race of her life. It was SO FUN to cheer her and her teammates on – who ALSO ran well. The girls did place 6th, so they are headed to state as a team. One other teammate of Sarah’s also placed in the top 30, so she will compete as an individual as well.

We discovered at awards time that placing 7th means you actually get to stand on the podium! Sheer joy!!

Here are the girls! Congratulations! ON TO STATE!! SOLI DEO GLORIA!!!

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