Friday, November 1, 2013

Fall Concerts

I’m a tad bit out of order here, but the concerts our big girls participated in recently were SO GOOD! We are so amazingly blessed to have such an incredible music program at our school and we are privileged to glorify our Heavenly Father through music at school!

First was the 7th/8th grade music assembly. These music groups aren’t generally ready for a full-on concert by October, but the choir, band, and orchestra each performed a couple numbers on a Thursday morning for parents and 5th & 6th graders. It’s always a lot of fun. Here’s Bethany’s orchestra performing…

Professor Wigstein’s Amazing Melody Machine

What a fun piece!!

This past Tuesday was the high school fall music concert. At Christmas and in the spring there are 3 concerts, one is grades 7-12 band, one is 7-12 orchestra, and one is 7-12 choir. This one is the only one that is just high school and includes both bands, the orchestra, and 3 choirs, and boy, do they put on a great evening of music and praise!

The pinnacle was a never-before-attempted full symphony of LCHS students…orchestra, band, and choir…performing a beautiful arrangement of “This is my Father’s World.” I recorded it. The whole thing. And then my phone said it didn’t have enough memory to save it. But once I deleted some other non-essential photos, I had enough memory for it to save all but the last two seconds. Sarah participated in both the band and choir during the evening, but in this piece she sang in the choir. Her head is the over-exposed splotch above the red-headed violinist who is to the left of the conductor. Please watch and enjoy.

This is my Father’s World

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