Monday, May 19, 2014

May Madness

I know, I know, the term is March Madness. But in this house, MAY is the month of madness. It’s a good kind of madness, though.


These two DESPERATELY want to have a pet. So I let them keep a caterpillar in a jar. Since this picture was taken, the caterpillar has died. Then they had another one PLUS a pet snail. The second caterpillar lasted quite a while before it died and Mr. Snail has been in a jar on my kitchen cart for over a week now. It makes a great pet.


Bethany’s garden has been growing and we have been able to harvest lettuce, spinach, and radishes so far! It’s kind of thrill to go cut lettuce for your lunch 5 minutes before you eat it.



The WA Ball Family is officially in training. We are going to Yellowstone with the SoCal Ball’s in August…and we do not want them to kick our butts. So we are training. A few weeks ago we did the “Walk of Doom”, otherwise known as the Sehome Hill Arboretum. We did awesome. I think we’ll be fine. Perhaps we will not need to train anymore…


At the lookout tower at the top!


I’m pretty sure that isn’t the trail, girls…


Our final GEMS meeting of the year fell on Cinco de Mayo, so of course we had a little party. These are all my counselors, minus the 2 8th grade counselors who took their girls out for dinner. I LOVE these women and they make my job as club coordinator SO easy.


What Cinco de Mayo party is complete without a pinata?


Elise had “tacky day” at school…


I promise you could not see her bare belly when she was standing normally…only in this tacky pose. That would be a little TOO tacky.


Aaahhh, Mother’s Day! I had a beautiful Mother’s Day! Warm sunshine, hugs, gifts, plants, delicious food, and lots of family time with my girls, mom & grandma. All these amazing females in my life. I am so blessed.


Except I’m not sure my mom and grandma have got the “crazy photo” thing down just yet…


One day I got to go to the Beauty Studio of Becca & Elise.


I have been looking for MONTHS for an old ladder to lean against the wall for blanket storage. I have seen a few, but they haven’t been just right. And if I am going to pay $50+, it’s going to have to be just right. Last Saturday I found one at a garage sale. It wasn’t just right…but it was close…and it was only $10. Woot! Woot!


This past Saturday was Family Fun Night at school. By far the most popular attractions were the Human Hamster Balls. Becca is in the orange shirt in the one above and Elise is in yellow below.


And no, those “inner tube” holes don’t close up while you run inside. Elise fell out a couple times! It was so FUNNY!

The girls had a ton of fun running around with their friends. As they say, “Why do they call it FAMILY Fun Night? We just want to play with our FRIENDS?”  So true.



Next up: May track meets!

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dee said...

GREAT pictures. I LOVE the one of Elise on Tacky Day...that one needs to go in the Penny Book! I need to find out about that Sehome hike too, looked like fun.