Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Aaaaannnd….the rest of April

What follows is a little picture storytelling of the rest of our lives from April…






The teacher I worked for had a birthday and she LOVES chewy, gummy, sweet candy, so I made her a candy bouquet and candy cupcakes. The candy bouquet was almost a Pinterest FAIL, but due to my genius crafting skills, the bouquet made it to school in one piece. The multi-color cupcake was a Pinterest SUCCESS!! The teacher was surprised and loved the candy-themed celebration.


My sweet friend gave me a flour sack towel with the this turquoise Ball jar (because I collect Ball jars…you know…because our last name is Ball…) for my birthday! I LOVE it, but didn’t really have a place to hang the towel, SO….Becca came up with the great idea to make it into a pillow! I bought red & white chevron fabric (which unfortunately you can’t see in the picture) and MADE A PILLOW! It really turned out so well! Therefore, I am not only a genius crafter, I am also domestic.



Sarah brought gifts from her CA trip – very fitting for all her sisters. Thanks, Sarah!


It’s beginning to feel like summer lately…warmer days, staying light in the evenings…we LOVE this!


And a friend from church worked for us and fixed our fence that was falling down and it turned out great! Now as soon as he’s done adding a dining room to his house, I think he’s going to expand our patio for us!


Ed had Good Friday off, so we got to have a breakfast date at Starbucks! Then we went to Lowe’s and shopped for a new grill. Such romance. I love it.


There was this tree in front of our porch. I didn’t like it and it blocked my view. So I asked on Facebook if anyone wanted it – said “Free. U dig.” Immediately a friend claimed it and soon, I had no more tree!


And now I’ve planted a hydranga in its place and my porch is now usable as a sitting space.




These should have been in the Easter post…these were our Resurrection Rolls we had for breakfast Easter Sunday morning. Use crescent rolls…dip marshmallows in butter and cinnamon and sugar and roll inside crescent rolls and bake as normal. When you bite into them, they’re EMPTY! Just like the tomb on Easter Sunday morning. Praise the Lord!


There have been some ducks wandering the neighborhood…we assume they live at the pond at the KOA next door. The girls fed them, and so did the neighbor kids. Of course the ducks came back the next day and were fed again! I haven’t seem them in a few days now, so maybe they found another neighborhood with children eager to feed them.



Becca & I went to one of Sarah’s track meets last week…it was a long track meet. But we had lots of fun!


Last weekend was the Pops Concert at school. Sarah was dressed as Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid…all the altos dressed as princes from Disney movies. Her friend was part of another group dressed as Mr. Incredible. It was a FUN evening!


Last Sunday we had a potluck with our life group at church and had a blast with our epic corn hole tournament. Kids and adults all mixed together on teams and my team took SECOND place! I scored the highest of anyone in my family, so I am currently the reigning corn hole queen at my house.

And that does it for April….May is up next!

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