Sunday, May 4, 2014

Pioneer Week

Creative Arts week at school was a BLAST this year…other than the tears that choosing a pioneer outfit produced for a while with my children…The theme was Little House on the Prairie and there were lots of fun activities. Kids dressed up, had a chuckwagon cookout, walked to school one day, took a field trip to the Lynden Pioneer Museum, participated in one-room schoolhouse learning, and even got to feed calves and shear sheep!


We only had one bonnet, so the girls had to take turns.



In the buggy at the museum

Becca & Reagan


Apparently it was a little sunny out there for the cookout! It was a great day! There were grandpas cooking baked beans over a fire in a big pot, cornbread, dried meat and dried apples! Once the kids ate on blankets spread out on the field, they could go to lots of fun stations. Looking out at the field with all the kids dressed in pioneer clothes and the animals and the blankets and wagon, I felt like I was on the set of Little House on the Prairie. Apparently one high schooler (not Sarah) who wasn’t informed of the activities saw what was happening from a distance and asked, “Are there Amish children visiting our school today?” LOL!





(And yes, Tam, that’s your friend helping card the wool. Smile)





Becca's friends13-IMG_3249

Becca was in heaven feeding the calves! Later, she even got to ride a horse! Unfortunately, I had already left and didn’t get a picture of that. A big thank you to all the teachers and moms and community members who helped make this event really memorable for the kids!

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fun day!
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