Monday, April 6, 2015

All-state/Whitworth Trip

Over Valentine’s Day weekend we found ourselves divided…Ed, Sarah, Becca, & I headed east to Spokane and Bethany & Elise stayed behind in Lynden to go to school and partake in regular life. Becca had auditioned and been chosen for the all-state youth choir and we decided that since her practice & concert were in Spokane, the very city where Whitworth University is located, Sarah should join us and we should have a Whitworth tour. We left on Thursday afternoon and had a great drive 6 hours east.


Traveling with just four of us was pretty strange, but there was lots more room for our stuff!

On Friday we toured Whitworth…and somehow managed to not take too many pictures of the actual campus. So I borrowed one from their website.


That’s the HUB – their student union building. We had a great visit at Whitworth – good admissions talk, awesome meeting with the XC/track coach, great tour, fun class, lots of good information. Sarah spent the afternoon/evening/night with a XC/track runner and everything just went really well. Whitworth is now one of the top possible colleges on her list.

Becca was a trooper during the college visit as the tag-along, but she was richly rewarded.


Oh! I did take this picture on campus of their funny sculpture…


Calvin has “the cheese”

so Ed dubbed the sculpture at Whitworth “Squeezy Cheese.” I don’t know why, but that made me laugh. A lot.


Friday night I drove an hour west to meet up with my sweet friend who lives near there for dinner. So, so, so good for the soul.


The next morning we dropped Becca off for her rehearsals,


got some coffee (though I must admit…we think Dutch Bros. is a big hype…not nearly as good as it was ‘supposed’ to be), picked Sarah up from campus, and then headed to Riverfront Park.






Big strong Ed holding up the bridge.










We spotted a wedding happening on the far side of the river!


Unbeknownst to us at the time, we were very close to where Becca’s performance was to be that evening, and where all the music teachers were having workshops during the day. While we were at this park, this group of guys in suits came along, singing their school fight song, and climbed up the wagon and all slid down again. It was pretty funny. It wasn’t until we were at the concert and talking to our music teachers that we figured out they were part of the music teacher workshops…and I didn’t even clue in about the close proximity until after the concert when we walked to the van and walked right by the wagon!


After the park, we had to get our headlight fixed in the van, and when we picked it up again, the mechanic had left a rose on the windshield, because it was Valentine’s Day!


It was a wonderful concert and Becca really had a great time singing and meeting new girls!




Some of the kids from our middle school who also attended All-state.


It’s not at all hard to believe that these are the creative kids…

The concert wasn’t over until after 7:00, which is too late to drive 6 hours back home, over the mountain pass, so we got some dinner and the girls swam in the pool and we drove home the next morning. It was a great trip!

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